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  1. Concepts


  1. The Intellectual Property Rights

- if preventable, not or are not allowed to do anything may damage or negatively influence on the Intellectual Property;

- indemnify FiinGroup for all losses of FiinGroup as a result of Your use of Intellectual Property in contravention of terms in this Terms and Conditions as agreed by the Parties or under a Court's judgment, and such compensation will not influence on other rights of FiinGroup;

- not use or assist third party to use the System when such use is likely to impair the value, damage, impairment or impairment of the Company's goodwill or reputation;

- not register any Intellectual Property on their own behalf in any country and territory of the world;

-  not knowingly use the System in any way or perform any other act that could damage FiinGroup's rights on its Intellectual Property;

- have the right to create derivative products based on the Information and Data provided but must appropriately cite them, and at the same time have no right to copy, modify, reproduce, create new products or a derivative version of the System or any other technology, software or document owned by FiinGroup Intellectual property rights.

- not sell, transfer, sublicense or disclose information or documents related to the use of the System or other form of transfer or give part or the whole of the System to any third party ;

- not use the System to provide services to any third party;

- not move, remove or alter any notices, instructions and/or signs of the System (including but not limited to copyright statements);

- not redesign, translate, disassemble, modify, alter the design order and/or contents of the System; and

- not use, sell, lend, copy, modify, connect, translate, publish, publish information related to the System, create a mirror website to publish this information either for development of derivative works, work or service.

- any commercial advantage and any other rights arisen from the use of the System will belong to FiinGroup's exclusive interests; and

- FiinGroup itself determines whether to register and maintain Intellectual Property in the country in which FiinGroup licenses the System.


  1. The right to change information

When using specific services, you and FiinTrade will follow additional terms and any guidelines or rules that apply to those services. All of these instructions or rules are hereby incorporated as a reference to the Terms and Conditions. If any term in the Terms and Conditions conflicts with those contained in such instructions or rules, or additional terms, the terms of this Agreement will determine.


  1. Use restrictions

FiinTrade does not tolerate any use of the website and/or resources of the website in any of the following:

  1. Against the state of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
  2. Infringing upon the personal freedoms of others; and / or humiliate, defame or smear others; and/or harm or disadvantage others.
  3. Disturbing public order; and/or criminal offenses.
  4. Propagating and distributing personal information of third parties without their consent.
  5. Use for business and/or commercial purposes without our prior written consent, such as contests, betting, bartering, advertising or multi-level marketing.
  6. Transferring virus infected files that damage the operation of other computers.
  7. Using robots, spiders and/or any automated devices, and/or manually monitor and collect website resources for any reuse purposes without prior notice.
  8. Using any device, software and/or process to infringe or intentionally compromise the operation of website.
  9. Any actions that are unlawful and/or prohibited by their respective laws.
  10. Act of infringement upon FiinTrade's rights and legitimate interests.
  11. Any action that FiinGroup believes is inappropriate.


  1. Security of account information


  1. Limitation of liability

- arisen from the inaccuracy of FiinGroup Information and Data received from the Official Information Source; or

- arisen from the use of the System for internal decisions, for any other third party or for improper purposes as provided in this Agreement; or

- arisen from errors, errors from equipment, software, transmission lines, network systems used by You to access, log in and install the System; or

- arisen out of or relating to violations or unlawful or non-compliance, failure to comply with the terms of this Agreement by You during the use of the System; or

- arisen indirectly, incidentally, secondary, specific or presumptive arising from this Agreement.

FiinGroup will also not be responsible for any loss of Information or Data of the System that FiinGroup has installed or assisted in your installation in the event of a failure of FiinGroup.