1. Purpose, Subject and Range of Application

1.1. Purpose

When customers user ours service, we obtain the customers’ information from both individual and institutional customers. To preserve your trust with us, FiinTrade enacts Privacy policy in terms of securing all the collected information by applying the below regulation.

1.2. Subject and Range of ApplicationThe privacy applies to:

All employees in headquarter and branches (includes official staffs, probationary staffs, interns and collaborators,) while FiinTrade collects customers’ information.

All the customers who provide their information to FiinTrade.

This policy regulates the method and the category of information that FiinTrade obtains from customers who use website, connect to FiinTrade hotline, or contact directly at FiinTrade office; the circumstance that FiinTrade can share and public this information and the solution must be performed to secure customers’ information.

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2.1. Customer Information Security

When customers use our services, customer need to accept all the terms and conditions of Privacy Policy.

FiinTrade can govern this policy at any time whether informing to customers. When new policy is published on FiinTrade website or FiinTrade social media, any changes can be applied immediately.

FiinTrade can govern and update this policy for abiding to Vietnamese legal documents and/or FiinTrade services.

This policy is applied under these circumstances:

Customers directly provide the information at FiinTrade office;

Customers directly provide the information through FiinTrade hotline;

Customers use all FiinTrade apps or FiinTrade website;

Customers provide the information via FiinTrade forms or other channels that FiinTrade possesses;

This policy can not be applied for the information that customers provide for website of the third party which display FiinTrade advertisements or log into website of the third party which FiinTrade does not operate and control that.

2.2. Information that FiinTrade collects:

FiinTrade collects 2 categories of data: non-individual and individual data.

Non-individual data

While customers access to FiinTrade website, FiinTrade automatically record the information about accessing (includes customers’ IP, used browsers, accessing time). FiinTrade also collects data associated with computers, laptops or mobile devices which are used to access to FiinTrade website (such as operating system, model, configuration and setting parameters, …)

Individual data

While customers contact directly to FiinTrade via hotline, or fill out FiinTrade forms voluntarily in FiinTrade website:

Register form for opening a new account or other forms for requesting to use our services in detail.

Application forms

Contacting via email

The information may include: Name, address and other contact information; occupation, business address, …

2.3. How FiinTrade use the information

FiinTrade can use customers information to:

Administer, operate support and relationship manage, transaction between customers account and FiinTrade. These include sharing information not only for internal department but also third party under the regulation of Term 5 below.

Contact to customers or customer authorities via post office, phone number, email or fax, which is associated with customers relationship, transactions and customers accounts.

Provide customer with the information in terms of analytic investment, suggest or advise about FiinTrade service;

Support FiinTrade business activities, including review, risk management and abiding by FiinGroup regulations and Vietnamese legal documents.

If transaction between customers and FiinTrade is terminated, FiinTrade can continue to use customers information in the scope that describe below.

2.4. How FiinTrade secure customers information

Currently, FiinTrade uses security method, which is suitable for Vietnamese legal documents, to ensure protect customers information against illegal accessing and using information. However, because global information network is wide-opening, therefore customers information may be spread out of FiinTrade control; accessed and used by the third party who no need to approach that information.

To protect customer information against illegal accessing from third party, all customers information is stored on the secured system architected by firewall and intrusion detection system. Servers store backup information daily to avoid deleting by mistake and destroying information.

When customers contact to FiinTrade to ask about FiinTrade website, FiinTrade can confirm customers identification before communicating.

2.5. Scenarios that FiinTrade can share customers information:

FiinTrade can also share customers information with Government Authority and Executive when FiinTrade receives requests from aforementioned authorities or abiding by Vietnamese legal documents, includes but is not limited, reports to Government Authority or performs any responsibility that FiinTrade must do necessarily, for example: provide information for Court of Law or Competent Authorities or State Securities Commission, Stock Exchanges and Securities Depository Center of Vietnam.

FiinTrade can also provide customers information for (i) internal or external auditors or attorneys of FiinTrade; (ii) when FiinTrade supposes that sharing information is necessary to prevent physical damage or financial losses which are accompanies to investigate about illegal transactions.

FiinTrade can also provide / share customers information for the independent third party that FiinTrade signs an agreement with to supply service on behalf of FiinTrade. Under that scenario, FiinTrade must require that party to accept all the privacy regulation or compromise to provide a similar secured and suitable system. Besides, FiinTrade can also share information for successor under merger and acquisition or similar transactions.

2.6. Customers Benefit

When customers provide information to FiinTrade, customers are entitled to access to their information that is stored by FiinTrade by sending request to FiinTrade. Therefore, customers can access to approach their information and if necessary, customers can adjust or remove incorrect information under FiinTrade regulation. FiinTrade promises to operate in authorization for accessing.

Customers are responsible for absolute security when accessing FiinTrade website or other FiinTrade services. If information is stolen or disclosed information skeptically, customers must contact to FiinTrade via support@fiintrade.vn or +84 868 911 000 to inform us immediately. In 24 hours from receiving request, FiinTrade shall activate or deactivate account and inform to customers. If customers do not notify any information about disclosing information, FiinTrade shall not accept any liability for loss and damage deriving from customers information.

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