Chính sách giá

Technical analysis summarizes data on the basis of price and volume analysis of stocks:

  • Indicators Signal: Summarizing the market trend of each ticker in the period of 15 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day and 1 week. You can select any ticker by clicking on the ticker and enter the ticker.
  • Deceptive Orders: The information of deceptive order including CE/FL Abnomarlity, Cancelled, Pressing, Aggressive or Closing is summarize on the data table. You can customize the conditions to filter the list of stocks with appropriate deceptive orders.
  • Price – Volume Analysis: Summarizing data on increasing/decreasing days of liquidity and stock price.

Figure 40 - Track trends of stock codes

Figure 41 - Track the signal of CE/FL Abnomarlity in Deceptive Orders

Figure 42 - Track stocks with increased volume and price in Price - Volume Analysis