Chính sách giá

The investment strategy is a great feature, offering a range of different investment methods, suggesting attractive stocks:

  • Fiintrade strategy introduces you to four unique investment methods are built by the experts of Fiintrade, including: Value, Growth, Momentum and VGM. In here, you can compare the 10-year yield of Vn-Index with the portfolio of top 5 tickers in each method, view and arrange the list of stocks with A-points.
  • CANSLIM strategy provides a list of stocks sorted by total score and large market capitalization.
  • TA strategy offers five unique technical investment methods. By customizing items of the method, you can choose stocks that offer attractive returns.

Figure 70 - Track top 5 stocks by FiinTrade investment methods

Figure 71 - Track stocks by FiinTrade’ Value investment method

Figure 72 - Track stocks by CANSLIM investment method

Figure 73 - Track stocks by Accumulation technical investment method in TA Strategy