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Top New High

FiinTrade shows Top 30 stocks with current prices beyond the peak of 3 months, 6 months or 1 year.

Timely updated real-time fluctuations, financial indicators (revenue, net profit, EPS, BVPS, P / E, P / B) and technical indicators (volume, price, percentage changes, ...) help investors make timely and accurate decisions.

Information is not only detailed by visual charts, but also by data sheets, which can be easily downloaded into an Excel file.

Heat map

For the first time in Vietnam, investors can easily track stocks buying and selling activities on the market, HOSE, HNX or UPCOM.

FiinTrade heat map shows the stock transactions overview via an intuitive graphical interface with color-coded boxes, helping you have a quick look at what happened in the day in less than 20 seconds, with indicators such as Market Cap, Volume, Value or trading volume of foreign investors.

Money Flow

The feature gives you chances to track tick-by-tick total foreign trading and helps you quickly update money flow report within 1 day to 20 days. Explore 3 items including Contribution, Foreign and Proprietary to get stock codes that contribute to the increase/decrease of VNINDEX, HNXINDEX; overview information about the process of foreign trading, attracting/pushing-foreign money-flow stocks.

Time & Sales

Tracking stock price movements is easier than ever with FiinTrade's Time & Sales. This feature allows you to track individual transactions timeline via the detailed transaction table, in which the latest transaction is displayed on the top, and provides a specific time mark for each transaction as well.

Transactions can be classified into 3 types: Buy Up, Sell Down and Unidentified, which helps you predict trading trends with a certain confidence. Additionally, you can make quick buy/sell transactions by selecting the "Buy" and "Sell" buttons.

Technical Analysis

With FiinTrade's ‘Technical Analysis” tool, you fully catch up on Deceptive orders such as real-time Cancelled, Pressing, Aggressive or Closing.

The feature allows you to customize conditions to filter out the list of stocks with appropriate Deceptive orders. In addition, Indicators Signal helps you synthesize market trends of each stock code in a short time (15 minutes, 1 hour), to 1 day, 1 week. The Price- Volume Analysis also helps you synthetize data on Volume Increase and Price Increase/Decrease.

Realtime Auto News

News moves the markets. With FiinTrade’s News feature, you can constantly update over 5000 real-time feeds every day about technical alerts, business events, sudden sales, sudden profits, etc. automatically exported and continuously updated from high-status financial websites such as HOSE, HNX, NDH, Cafef,...

Now FiinTrade users can access premium analysis at no extra cost. You can read the old news by controlling the time setting button at the calendar icon. In addition, this feature allows you to filter news from the same source.

Financial Analysis

Get an overview of businesses’ finance status through the special feature ‘Financial Analysis Checkup’. Based on 7 different indicators, FiinTrade recommends 5 ranking levels for businesses’ financial health. Easily compare evaluation items among businesses in the same industry by clicking on the name of the stock and selecting the stock to compare.

Cash Dividend Analysis

Use FiinTrade's Cash Dividend Analysis feature to keep track of companies’ cash dividend payment history from the time of listing. The result is displayed in a bar graph showing Price Earnings Ratio - Dividend Yield over each year, while Dividend History and Forecast details the dividend payment timeline as well as forecasts the dividend value in the current year.

Consensus Analysis

Consensus Analysis statistics recommendations for stock buying and selling from securities companies within 1 year to the present, consensus target price... Therefore, this feature gives you the rate of each type of recommendation; and helps you compare target prices to real prices via visual line charts.

FiinTrade Stock Ranking & Scoring

FiinGroup's proprietary stock ranking system is evaluated according to 3 indicators:  value, growth, and momentum.

Not only providing information, raw data, but FiinTrade Stock Ranking is also a smart feature developed exclusively for FiinTrade users, which helps to recommend investment by industry or by stock group.

This ranking is based on the methodology of FiinGroup's financial and securities experts with professional knowledge and experience in trading securities.

Evaluation indicators such as size, profit, cash flow, valuation, trading and analysis cover are also detailed in FiinTrade.