Chính sách giá

This feature provides information about money inflows and outflows of stocks in the current session:

  • Contribution: bar chart and bubble chart inform you about the most influence tickers in each index. You can follow these charts in 1 day, 5 days, 10 days and 20 days.
  • Foreign: Line chart based on real-time data provides you a glance at foreigner transaction. Meanwhile, the heat map below suggests you about stocks which are mostly concerned by foreigner.
  • Proprietary: A list of tickers that are traded by securities companies is visually displayed in the form of a heat map and is updated immediately at the end of the trading day.

Figure 27: Track Contribution in the form of bar chart

Figure 28: Track Contribution in the form of dispersal chart

Figure 29: Track Foreign transaction process

Figure 30: Track Proprietary transaction