Who should use FiinTrade?


local individual Traders

Who should use FiinTrade?

foreign individual traders

portfolio managers

stock advisors

Why use FiinTrade?

Quick analysis system & Stock ranking

For the first time in Vietnam, a quick financial analysis system and business ranking developed by FiinGroup experts help clients pick right stock that’s in line with multi-strategy investment as well as avoid investment risk.

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Comprehensive information & Powerful functions

Powerful and handy features that track market comprehensively as well as update real-time news constantly support clients to make investment decisions quickly and efficiently.

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Effective warning tool

Real-time alerts on Top Breakout, Top New High, Top Gainers, Top Losers, Top stock order cancelled... help clients quickly identify investment opportunities.

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Customizable interface

Clients can create and customize their trading screens with features that suit their needs to find information and support effective investment decision - making.

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How can you benefit from FiinTrade?

  • Transform traditional brokers into professional Client Advisors
  • Identify opportunities & Make effective investment decisions 
  • Save time searching for information
  • Avoid investment risks
  • Receive training and support of FiinGroup Experts Team